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 The Langelands Fort

 The Cold War Museum


 Other Cold War fortresses:

 The Stevns Fort

 The Bangsbo Fort




The Langelands Fort.
The Cold War Museum


On June 16th 1997 the Langelands Fort opened as a museum for the Cold War Period.
 A unique possibility for a family trip back to the Cold War, which many still remember. The guns, the antiair-craft batteries,
 and the underground installations. Furthermore, a Draken fighter, a MIG-23 fighter, the last Danish U-boat "Springeren" and
Home Guard cutter MHV 81, that originally was built as a minesweeper in 1941.
 A large and exciting exhibition about the fort and the Danish Defence during the period.

 Already in the parking lot in front of the museum we are met by a 150 mm. canon. It's the same type as those that were in
 use at
the fort, but has never been used here. The gun has been used exclusively as a landmark and its history is lost
 slightly. The gun-mountings which originally belonged to the cannon is to day placed in Norway.

  The Danish  Cold War Museum "The Langelands Fort". Gun at the entrance
The 150 mm. gun in front of the

 Towards the battery area the gateway to the northern power station is passed. Today it is part of the maritime surveillance.
There is no access to this area.

      The naval surveillance.

The gate to the northern generator bunker

 Here the operations bunker, the northern 40 mm. anti-aircraft battery and gun no. 1, the northernmost of the 4. pcs. of the
 150 mm. guns are situated.

   The Stairs to the operations bunker.

           The communications room. 

         BoN-room , local defence.
               40 mm. Bofors AA-gun

        Bunker for the AA-gun crew

           The AA-ammunition storage
          150 mm. gun, nr. 1
       The Danish Cold War Museum "The Langelands Fort", 15 cm. artillery storage
          The Ammunition storage for
                     150 mm. shells
The Danish Cold War Museum "The Langelands Fort", room for the artillery crew
      Bunker for the gun-crew.

 Behind the gun positions exhibition halls for larger items from the period are situated.. A Swedish-built Draken fighter,
 a Soviet built MIG 23 and a Danish Home Guard cutter, built as a minesweeper to the Navy in 1941.
these halls you can see the last Danish U-boat "Springeren" - also from the inside.

  The Danish Cold War Museum "The Langelands Fort", the exibition buildings
The exibition buildings
The Danish Cold War Museum "The Langelands Fort", DRAKEN fighter
Draken fighter
The Danish Cold War Museum "The Langelands Fort", MIG 23 fighter
MIG-23 fighter
   Home Guard patrol boat MHV 81

         The fence around the area
The Danish Cold War Museum "The Langelands Fort", The submatine "Springeren"
   The Danish submarine "Springeren"

 In the ancient armory for small armor, a permanent exhibition about the fort's layout and function of the cold war has been
 set up.

Exibition in the former
small arms storage
                 The exibitions

 The southern power supply bunker is available. Here are all the three diesel engines and generators intact and the work-
exactly as they were.

  The Stairway to the generatorbunker

The Dieselengine to the emergency generator


       The flyheel and the generator

  The barracks of the fort has from time to time been used as a refugee-center by the Danish Red Cross. 

                   The Barracks