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  Denmark and the Cold War

  The Stevns Fort

  HAWK, Hoejerup

  HAWK,  Stevns  Fort

  NIKE,  Sigerslev

  The Support Units

  The Cold War Museum


  Other Cold War Forts
  in Denmark

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The Armed Forces at the Danish Peninsula Stevns during the Cold War
The Cold War Museum at the Stevns Fort


The tunnels

 Juli 1. 2008 the Stevns Fort opened as a Cold War Museum.
 Guided tours in The tunnels and view into the two Gneisenau guns.
 Half a squadron HAWK missile in their launchers and in their original positions.

 The Misile Area

 At the entrance visitors are met by a Hawk misile, a NIKE AJAX and a NIKE HERCULES missile.  The Hercules were originally
 positioned at the Sigerslev Firing Area a few kilometers from the Stevns  Fort.  
    NIKE Hercules from the Sigerslev
               Firing Area nearby

    NIKE AJAX, prior to the Hercules

              Navy Mobile Coast Radar

 Half a Squadron of Hawk missiles, the control vehicles and the radar facilities are back on their original places.

 The Gneisenau Guns

    15 cm gun originally mounted at the German light
       battleship  Gneisenau. Mounted at Stevns 1953.

       Ammonitions elevator

 The Tunnels of the Fort
1.7 kilometres of tunnels, rooms and installations.

The stairs to the tunnels

          Armoured doors in the tunnels

              Room for the artillery crew
       Here the blowing and
            drilling started
         The artillery control room

                                  Street names

The Hawk Missiles

 Half a Squadron of the HAWK missiles that originally was mounted at the Stevns Fort 



                    Tactical control

 The Danish Army during the Cold War

 Beside the fort history, the Army will be represented with a exibition.

           The Leopard Tank

                The Centurion Tank

                  40 mm. AA Gun